Have you spent years going to English class but cannot hold a conversation?

Do you know the rules of English grammar but forget them as soon as you try to speak?

Do you find it hard to understand, or to be understood, in real spoken English?

If you have any of these problems I can help you. I teach English the way that native speakers learn it, through conversation and by actually using it to communicate. At school and in the academy you probably have spent a lot of time learning about English, but did you actually gain the skill of speaking naturally? Learning a language is not like learning mathematics, science, or history. It is more like learning how to play the piano, it is something that is acquired through doing. The more you expose yourself to English, the more you become accustomed to it and the more it becomes a part of you, the more natural it becomes to use it. The only way to learn a language is to expose yourself to it, at a level that is challenging but understandable to you, and to do it a lot.

Out of class I will ask you to read, listen or watch authentic English texts, videos or podcasts that are suitable to your level and in class we will discuss them. I will provide simple feedback as we go along. We will not spend a lot of time revising grammar rules, memorising lists of vocabulary, or talking about English. Instead we will be using English, and the more you use it the more your ability will improve.

I am interested in learning and teaching languages and have taught English online, and in schools, academies, and businesses in various locations across Spain. I also have the Cambridge University CELTA English teaching qualification. If you are interested in learning English with me please feel free to get in touch.